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Little Nicky Brunner
Nick Brunner

     Nick Brunner   was born and raised in Mentor, OH.  At a very early age his parents Ray and Helen observed an unusual behavior.... instead  of  playing  with  his  toys,    he  was  taking  them  apart  and putting  them  back  together.   It  wasn't long before Nick was building things he could ride in.  At age 10 he built his first go-cart.   At age 11, a bigger, faster go-cart. And things accelerated from there (pun intended).

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Nick Brunner

     Although he grew up in the Brunner Funeral Home on Mentor Avenue, Nick naturally took a greater interest in  the death of cars. He began fixing the many family business vehicles before he himself could even drive them. The Brunners were also avid RVers and Nick helped convert a Cleveland city bus into the family's camper.  Nick attended Mentor Vo-Ed for auto mechanics and got his first job at Shandle  Auto at age 15. Phil Shandle  was  Nick's  only  boss

and   at   age  22  Nick opened  his  own  business in  the  garage  behind the  funeral   home.   Before   long  there  was too much automotive business and  Nick's  dad  gave  him  the  'ol  size  10 (the boot).    Nick   built  his current shop on Hart Street in 1984 on what was then  swamp  land.  He  was one of the very first AAA approved  auto  repair  shops  and  one  of the first ASE  certified  master technicians.  He is now celebrating 44 years in business in Mentor.

                                                                         On July 16th, 2013,  Nick   was  diagnosed   with   a  very   rare and incurable non-hodgkins  lymphoma (stage IV). He was advised to have immediate chemotherapy. On that day, despite the oncologist's advice to "eat whatever you want, food doesn't matter",  he changed to a whole food, plant based diet with the guidance and solidarity of his partner.  After a very bizarre "chemo class" the next day, he declined the chemo treatment and sought a 2nd opinion. Dr. 2 gave nearly the same advice as Dr. 1 (they all follow NCCN guidelines).  In a follow up visit,  Dr. 1 was becoming perturbed at Nick's non-compliance and barked "why don't you go to Dana Farber then" and so he did.  That appointment took several more weeks and Dana Farber repeated his blood work. After only 5 weeks on a whole food, plant based diet, Nick's cancer marker went down 45%. He decided to postpone the chemo indefinitely!!  Dr. 1 was not happy and screamed at him "You've gotta get chemo NOW"!!! That was 8 years ago and Nick has never had a single drug or cancer treatment.  He has had up to a 70% reversal of disease and continues to eat only plants.  If you've ever met him you know how hard working, active and vibrant he is at 67 years young!